Happy Thanksgiving / Christmas Dinner Invitation

As we thank God for our blessings this week, we include YOU among them. You helped others in many ways in 2017.

Whether you . . .

  • traveled to hurricane disaster areas,
  • cut trees in a local neighborhood all Saturday,
  • prayed for victims and responders,
  • attended a monthly meeting,
  • donated money to disaster relief,
  • played in our golf tournament,
  • shared PAR’s mission with others,
  • worked at the new warehouse,
  • took a chain saw training class,

. . . we are grateful for you.

We’d love to thank you in person. If you haven’t already signed up for our potluck Christmas dinner on December 1, please sign up now. (There is no regular monthly meeting in December.)

If you do business with any of sponsor organizations, please tell them thanks for supporting PAR this year. They each contributed money or goods for our annual fundraising golf tournament in 2017. Because of their generosity, all of us are better equipped to help others in 2018.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!