Hands-On Chainsaw Training

Many of our PAR volunteers received on-the-job training from Richard Bennett on March 25, 2017, as they cleaned up storm damage at Flint Ridge Farm.  Much-needed firewood was then donated to our local homeless community.

See more photos here.

PAR Chainsaw Training

Classroom Chainsaw Training

We appreciate Richard Bennett from Husqvarna providing excellent training on how to use a chainsaw to our PAR volunteers on Friday, March 24, 2017, at Wears Chapel Baptist Church.

PAR Chainsaw Training

Chainsaw Maintenance and Field Repair

Several of our PAR volunteers received chainsaw maintenance and field repair training on Saturday, February 28, 2017, at Massey Lawnmower Repair.

Thanks, Hunter Massey, for caring about our community alongside PAR.



Watch these videos below from Husqvarna to learn more about using chainsaws.

Working with a Chainsaw

In this chainsaw tutorial you will see how to use a chainsaw for felling, limbing, cross-cutting and safety.


Chainsaw Safety

Watch Part 2 of 6 of this series of chainsaw how-to videos featuring safety, fuel & lubrication, bar & chain, starting and air filter instructions.